Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A wee enigma as Christmas present

Dear readers, 

As I will be traveling for the next weeks I won’t be able to post any story, so I decided to challenge you with a little charade… Maybe easy for some of you, hard for others, but you should give it a try!
I wish you all a Christmas full of love and all my best wishes for the New Year!

Now, L’énigme :

In this crowded flower city…

…Marriages are of five husbands with two wives. Husbands and wives live together in the same house, sharing the room upstairs; they are only allowed to have one child, sleeping in a single room downstairs, next to an unoccupied room. Husbands hug together surrounding their wives.
Mistresses don’t get married; they live in big houses with open view, outside the crowded city center. Mistresses always share a double room with another woman.

Will be waiting for your guess

See you in 2012! =)